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Plan an Evening of Relaxation and Pamper Yourself

Slowly inhale...Now Exhale...Again...In through your nose...and out through your mouth...Didn't that feel great? Sure it did! Now imagine that feeling lasting more than the 20 seconds it took for you to complete that breathing exercise. Just think "spa".

You can create your own spa experience at home or if you cant get the house to yourself, get a babysitter or have hubby keep the kids and rent a hotel room. First set a date and mark it on your calendar. Then create your own spa supply kit for your special evening. Some suggestions for your spa kit include:

Bubble Bath
Body Lotion
Body Spray
Smooth Jazz
Romance Novel
Comfortable Pajamas, or a Sexy Night Gown
Bottle of Wine

You can find everything you need for your spa kit by visiting,
Candles.Com, and Next, anticipate an evening of "me" time and relaxation. Just imagine...Candles everywhere, Gerald Albright playing in the background, you in a nice and steamy bubblebath, sipping on a glass of wine. Then, after your cares swirled down the drain, imagine you massaging your body with your favorite scented body lotion, then you, slipping on some comfortable pajamas, or a sexy night gown. And finally, you relaxing on that big comfortable bed, curled up, living out your fantasies through a steamy romance novel, with no interruptions. Now if that sounds good to you, then what are you waiting for? Stop the excuses and start planning your evening of relaxation and pampering!

About the Author:

Jacquelyn Hollister is the creator of An Online Island Retreat for Women.


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