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Embroidery - A Thriving Art Form

Embroidery has been with us for many years, although it takes a number of forms. It's very popular these days with people who enjoy needlework. Most of us aren't aware of how
many ways there are to embroider, nor do we know all the innovations it's taken.

Embroidery is basically adding colorful threads to fabric in order to create a design. If you purchase an item of clothing embellished with embroidery it was probably done by a machine, as embroidery can take a very long time to do by hand. Most embroidery is done with the help of a pattern, although there are many people who can do it without.

Embroidery is a relatively inexpensive hobby as the patterns, thread, and needles don't cost very much. It's fun and creative to add some color and design to clothing, tablecloths, napkins, blankets, and virtually any fabric, without going into debt. Patterns are easy to find as well. There are hundreds of websites offering patterns; some you can mail order and others you can just print from your home computer.

Advanced sewing machines are available today which can do embroidery with little assistance from you. Some are even software powered, which enables you to specify where to point the needle to craft a design to suit your requirement. But embroidery by hand still remains the first option of many people for whom it is a hobby. For them embroidery by hand provides a more fulfilling experience compared to embroidery by machine.

Now, if embroidery is getting your attention, then you should give a try because of the satisfying experience it provides. You can learn the basics at your nearest local community college. The basics can be easily learned initially by doing simple designs and patterns. Once you learn the basics of stitching on cloths and designing embroidery, you can develop the rest on your own if you are creative.

Another idea is to check for embroidery conventions and craft fairs by looking for sites on the Internet. They will also have links to some excellent embroidery sites where you can even download free or discounted patterns.

You can subscribe to many embroidery magazines to enrich your knowledge and get started. These magazines offer lessons and tips on embroidery. They also give you a lot of free patterns on embroidery apart from other useful information. These magazines concentrate on the most important aspect of the needles and thread that you will need to finely craft a pattern. These magazines also keep you up-to-date with the current developments in embroidery and activate your imagination for your next embroidery project.

Embroidery is a hobby that many people have enjoyed for hundreds of years. You can create some beautiful designs and it is a very fulfilling past time. You don't have to be partially creative to start embroidery. As long as you can follow instructions and have a little patience, you can be creating interesting and unique designs in no time.

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Pearl Mertens runs a very interesting website at RC Embroidery, there's a wealth of knowledge on the website, plus their free newsletter is well worth signing up for too. Read many more interesting articles on Embroidery at:


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