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The Basics of Digital Photography

If you own a personal computer you are already on the way to becoming an expert in digital photography. (Actually, you can dabble in digital photography even if you don't have a computer, but that would make it a bit harder.) You will definitely need a digital camera, of course. Pick one that suits your needs and sensibilities--they come in all shapes and sizes!

Higher quality digital cameras cost more, but the cheaper versions will give you cheaper quality shots. It's the same as with traditional cameras--you get what you pay for. But you don't have to pay through the nose. Mid-priced cameras can take great pictures, especially
if you're only using it to put snaps on the internet. Be sure to go for a high pixel count, at least 3 mega- pixels. But even the number of megapixels won't help if you have a poor quality lens, so be sure to splurge on that.

Generally speaking the well known brands make good digital cameras, but the market changes so fast you need to look at a few online reviews.

There is no doubt that digital photography is big. People who tried traditional photography and gave up are finding digital photography really rewarding. There are a few reasons for this, the main ones being cost, creativity and freedom

Cost. It is cheaper- of course you need to factor in the ink, the paper, the camera itself, and the fact you need a computer for most digital photography tasks. But a lot of people prefer the fact that you do not have to dig into your pockets to get 36 prints developed, most of which are rubbish. Instead you can look at them on a monitor before deciding to print them off. Many people never print any digital photos, just share them online and on screen.

Creativity. This is the most important thing for many people. Although it was possible to pay for traditional photos to be cropped and changed, hardly anyone found it worth the effort. With digital however, cropping out ugly buildings, reframing your shots for better proportions,
changing color to black and white, making the pictures brighter... all this is easy, even for beginners.

Freedom. Many digital photography enthusiasts will tell you that going digital has set them free. This is usually because you can so easily take photos, lots of photos, then delete the ones you do not like. For years, camera magazines would advise people to take whole roles of film on one subject to make sure they got one decent shot. After all, this is what professionals do. Most amateurs found this advice pretty unhelpful, given both the cost of film and developing and the fact that the entire family will think you had gone mad! With digital you can snap away, trying new things, and if it does not work, you just delete it when you get home (or in the field if you are sure it is hopeless).

Now that you know the above, consider the following:

Use your digital camera as a chance to experiment. Once you spend money on a camera, you will find that you become free to experiment to your heart's desire. Look at new objects,
shoot details that you would not have wasted film on before, and so on. Be adventurous, because that is how you will wind up with great pictures.

Also, be sure to take the time to read over the manual and learn how to utilize all the components of your camera. These are intricate pieces of equipment, so it's important to figure out how they work. Your software manual will also show you how to fix your pictures once they are on your computer. Your friends and family will be very grateful!

About the Author:

Professional photographer Deborah Kilgaron helps other people follow her path through her website Raising Profile Photography. Become one of Deborah's students - visit the Raising Profile Photography online community at


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