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Acting for the Newbie

Acting began because of the man's need to express, emote and to tell stories. Acting is said to have found its origins in the religious rituals of the primitive times and the first performers were the religious leaders of the tribes. The development of theater, as we see today, is largely attributed to the Greeks.

Drama dates back to 534 BC. Contests were held to choose the best tragedy. The winner was called a Thespis who is also believed to the very first actor. The term "thespian"
comes form this name. He played all his roles to perfection that ranged from women to children, a norm at that time. Sadly none of the writings of this actor survive.

Interestingly, in those times, the actors wore masks to portray different characters. Initially, their interaction was only limited to the chorus that ranged 15 to 50 people. Acting in the beginning was just about monologues with actors enacting out the thoughts going on in the mind of the character. Aeschylus introduced a new paradigm to acting introducing the second actor, after which the performance started bearing a resemblance to the acting that we see today. The performances underwent a huge change. From simply stating the internal voice, thoughts and motivations of a single actor, the oncoming of the second actor brought in face-to-face conversations as well as dramatic conflict. Later, Sophocles added the third actor and extras.

Gradually, more changes were added and acting evolved to its present form. But certain basics of acting never change, like what goes into making of a good actor. The aptitude of
the actor is chief determinant in the acting of the performers. Acting is all about the ability to visualize feelings and emoting them. You can draw on your own experiences also to enact certain characters. Actors are born with an aptitude. However, an acting school can be of
great help for honing your skills.

Many people falsely being that is just what they see on the screens. That is only half the picture. Actors can be found in theatres, television studios, circuses, or comedy clubs. An important thing to keep in mind is that the going can be tough. They should be prepared to take rejections in stride. They may also have to put up with long periods of being unemployed. Experience counts a lot in acting thus you might even have to settle for lesser roles. Even the established actors during their lean times accept smaller roles or commercials. Acting might be a tough proposition for some, but the passionate ones endure the rigors to get a chance to show their talents.

About the Author:

Eve Pynoei is the proprietor of AA Acting which is a precious resource for up and coming actors and actresses. For questions or comments go to:


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