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You can make money by joining a sponsor's affiliate program. It's as easy as placing a link or a banner to another web sites products or service on your web site. This can be very lucrative and easy to run business. You don't have to worry about shipping physical products or chargebacks and refunds. Examples of affiliate websites are below:

All of those websites are eBay affiliate websites. You can purchase The eBay Affiliate Store Builder script that was used to make the sites. It's totally customizable and very easy to use. I make money everyday from these websites.

When your site visitors click on the banners/products on your website you can get paid for each click coming from your web site or you can get paid based on what the person buys when they go to your sponsors web site.

Affiliate program sponsors place a tracking code embedded into the links and banners, this allows the sponsor to know where the visitor came from. When you sign up with a sponsor, you will be given step by step instructions on how to place the links on your page. It's very easy to do and requires little maintenance other than getting visitors to your web site.






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